Cyanocobalamin and your liver

Just a short note that I am reminded to write as I prepare my box of B12 Patch for the post. I was chagrined to note when I received my order that the active ingredient was cyanocobalamin and have just read yet another article recommending no one use B12 products that are not methylcobalamin, so now it goes back for sure.

What is the problem? The biggest one is that cyanocobalamin is derived from just what you might guess, cyanide, and that cyanide makes it very hard on your liver when it clears it from your body. Why do manufacturers use it? Because it is perhaps 50% cheaper than its cousin Methylcobalamin.

If you are tired and feeling rundown B12 is often the vitamin you are lacking, so try it and see how you feel. However, look for the methylcobalamin form and only use cyanide for the obvious reasons, poisoning something.

P.S. B12 comes in sublingual sprays and sublingual tablets and also in injectable form but you will need a compounding pharmacy to make sure you are injecting the Methylcobalamin. I will write more later on B12, so stay tuned.

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