Long Time No Write

Greetings and salutations! Before we get started let me apologize for not being active on my blog for more than a year. Life happened and some of it got in the way.

WTF Happened to an Entire Year

What got in the way, you ask? Let me attempt to make a short story long, I mean, let me explain how life can get in the way.

In September of 2015 my SU and I were on holiday in Britain and on our last day I got a text that made me laugh. As the people in the room watched me I’m sure my face went from smile to grimace as I texted back, “You’re kidding, right?” and learned it was no joke. Our lives were about to be turned upside down as my daughter became a divorced woman who was unemployed, had a baby still in diapers and another child in pre-school.

Thanks to this man’s human weaknesses, in December of 2015 my daughter and her two boys moved in to our world. Life changed dramatically for all of us. Buckets of tears were shed and there were troubles galore but, despite all that, we, the adults, came through that particularly dark tunnel of our lives feeling stronger and perhaps more determined to find our happiness. For the children of an acrimonious divorce it isn’t so simple but hopefully time will heal their wounds as well.

Were there things I learned from the entire ordeal? You bet. The biggest surprise for me over the last year was this, our world is not supportive of women or men staying home and raising the children. We, in my opinion, underestimate what a valuable asset it is to have parents raising children but it is no longer respected nor expected.

Anyway,  life got in the way as my house teemed with the voices of little boys. My hours were not my hours anymore but I learned so much my head nearly exploded.

On Making Resolutions for 2017

I have often eschewed New Year’s resolutions. If you need to make changes in your life why does the calendar determine when it should happen? I don’t have a good answer anymore as I now find myself using January of a new year as the date I get back to my blog. Yes indeed this is a New Year’s resolution and, even I now admit, perhaps one does need a new day and new year to set a goal.



So, for today and for this blog post, let me redefine my blog more as a disclaimer than anything. Krisinsight, is just that. My name is Kris and on these pages you will find my insight. This is not a place to come if you are looking for scientific data. This is a place to come if you want to know what I have experienced.

I am not a medical doctor. I am a health enthusiast who loves to read and research. I have hypothyroidism (my diagnosis is nearly 2 decades old), so my main emphasis is thyroid health but my interests are varied and I love to experiment, so that is what I do.

In the coming year I want to address such fascinating subjects as my genetic report on 23andMe, liquid T3, fascia blasting, inflammation, heart health and so on. I hope you join me now and then and feel free to leave a comment. All comments will be shared and addressed.

Happy New Year to my readers. May your 2017 be full of good health and learning.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Happy to see you’re back to share your health trials with those of us also ‘trialing.’ Have you by chance tested out ozone therapy? For fatigue, underlying infections, etc.


  2. Welcome back!


  3. You get too much of it but still it was time to get back in the saddle.


  4. So glad the blog is back! I’m always grateful for your Insight!!


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