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Hahnemann does it again

Oh dear, this post will be a hard sell for many of you skeptics but I am hear to tell you my story of homeopathic healing.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) was a brilliant man who questioned traditional medical treatment and scientifically developed a way to treat the root cause of acute illness with energy medicine that we call homeopathic remedies. I would not have believed the power of homeopathic remedies until two weeks ago when I had the misfortune to dive off a porch at the wrong end of two “extenda” leads that were attached to two squirrel chasing standard poodles.

I landed with a dull thud on my upper left breastbone and after taking stock of any sharp pains, catching my breath, duly lecturing my truant poodles I stood up and walked as normally as I could at the time. With each subsequent day my pain increased and I finally asked a knowledgable homeopathic intuitive about remedies for torn ligaments and bruised muscles. She mentioned Arnica, so I started the Arnica.

Arnica didn’t even touch the pain and it worsened, so a knowledgeable friend suggested Rhus Tox and/or Ruta, so I gave those remedies a try with no success. As the pain and discomfort increased every day I began to suspect this was not ligament or muscle but a cracked rib and approximately 6 days after the incident I couldn’t laugh and had trouble walking without holding my rib cage in place. Sleeping was becoming impossible, I was miserable. On day 6 I told my friend that I suspected a cracked rib and she immediately said get the Bryonia out, “it works on broken bone”. I made a wet dose of 30c Bryonia and started taking a teaspoon every 30 minutes or so until I went to bed.

Readers, in the middle of the night I awoke to a warm feeling deep inside my body, a feeling of content and healing. I understand if you are in disbelief but I know that I slept without pain the rest of the night, could walk upright the next morning and even laughed without pain. It was nothing short of miraculous but so it goes with energy medicine. Subsequent days increased dosages (200c and 1m) were used in wet dose form until the pain was all but gone.

My incident occurred on the 13th of October and it is now the 5th of November. I am still healing but my ribcage only feels slightly bruised at this time. What has been more of a handicap three weeks in to the process is my sciatica area. I had to favor my left side for so many days that a simple cat/dog stretch one morning a week ago put me in to lower back spasms that return with any exertion. On Monday of this week I started a wet dose of Rhus Tox (30c) as it is good for muscle problems, so I take a wet dose twice a day and have been using the FIR sauna for pain relief.

I think I have put modern medical treatments to shame as most people would be on drugs and still miserable. I urge you to consider contacting a reputable homeopathic practitioner in your area the next time you have an acute problem and experience the healing modality that is much maligned by modern physicians but has been around for hundreds of years and has successfully treated the famous and even unknowns like me.